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General elections are due to be held in India in April or May 2019. India Elections 2019 app provides features for Search for VOTER ID and Voters Registration HELP LINKS. It also features complete information of regarding all the constituencies, Voter ID Search, Rate your current MP, previous Lok Sabha election result, burning issues of each constituency, Popular Candidates, Latest News and other happenings of Elections.
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Voter ID Search
Do you know your Voter ID? Are you aware of your Voting centre (Booth)? You can get those information using Voter ID Search feature.
Voters Quick Help
Are you aware how to apply for Voter ID? How to change information in Voter ID? Where to track status of Voter ID Application?
Rate your Member of Parliament
Do you know who is your MP? Do you know what work he/she done in Last Five Years? Get all information about your MP information, attendance in Lokasabha, number of questions asked and also rate MP based on their performance.
Are you aware regarding which constituency you belongs to? Do you wish to suggest better candidate for upcoming election? Do you know about Burning issues of your area? Do you want to express your views/opinion? You can get all the details of your constituency and express your views to candidates.
Popular Leaders
Check out who is trending among Leaders. Vote your favourite leaders. Know more about them. Which leaders are the trending most in this election? Vote for your favourite leaders. All the popular leaders from across the India.
Candidates and Party details
Get information about all the candidates like their education background, personal details etc. You can also view party details and their background.
Past Result / Live Result
Get all winner candidate lists along with their margin and party wise seats they won. Also, Live results will be displayed on result day of the election.
Latest News
Get updated important news of elections in India as well as their constituency.
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